The videos also contain reflection questions to help you process the new information

The Moomin Language School teacher training is divided into five parts.

Parts 1-3 introduce you to the necessary background information in order to understand children’s language learning and to successfully run the service at your organization.


Videos 4 and 5 show you step by step how to use the online tools and the learning application, and give you suggestions for organizing the learning at your organization.

We encourage you to take notes while watching the videos

Part 1: Theory

In this video you will hear about children’s language development and early foreign language learning. You will also learn how children’s language learning differs from that of adults, as well as some important aspects to keep in mind when teaching languages to young children.


Part 2: Method

In this video you will learn about the four corner stones of our learning method: Finnish education, language immersion, digital tools, and spaced learning. You will learn what these mean and how they are present in Moomin Language School.


Part 3: Solution

Now that you are familiar with the ground on which Moomin Language School is built, it’s time to delve deeper into the service itself. This video will give you a better idea of how the service works and what the content and curriculum consist of. It will also touch on the weekly themes and vocabulary, as well as the teaching of transversal competences in the service.


4. Deployment

In this video you will get to know the online tools and how to use them. This includes creating and managing users and viewing the progress reports. We will also have a closer look at the lesson plans for the playful lessons, and how to start using the learning application itself.



Part 5: Implementation

In this final video we give you suggestions and considerations for organizing the daily use of the learning application and the weekly playful lessons. These suggestions are based on real-life experiences from our customers.



Extra: Home access

If the application is used at home, please make sure that the parents download the application as well. You can give parents access to the application by adding their email address to their child’s profile. This video shows you how to do this.