User Terms of Service

You shall receive/you have received, a registration link to your email once/since our subscriber (“Subscriber”) has paid our Service subscription (hereinafter “Subscription”) fees and registered your email address as contact information for the user of the License associated with that Subscription. The information that you provide upon completion of registration, and during use of our Service, will be recorded to our database and treated as described in our Privacy Policy. During registration, you shall also select your personal password. Your password will not be sent to email, so please make sure you remember it. You can recreate a new password via “Forgot Password” link on our website at


To protect your or your child’s privacy, you should not, under any circumstances, disclose your password to anyone else. We never contact you and ask you to provide your password. If you suspect that secrecy of your password has been compromised you should promptly inform us at the address below and take immediate steps to change it via “Forgot Password” link.


These User Terms of Service (”ToS”) shall apply between the creator and owner of the Moomin Language School digital language learning service (”Service”) Playvation Ltd. (“Playvation”, “we”, “our” or “us”) and the user or parent or legal guardian of a minor using the Service ( “User”, “you” or “your”).


By clicking “Accept” you declare you have read and understood these ToS and are bound by them. Accepting these ToS creates a valid agreement between Playvation and you, and shall be valid for the duration of the validity of the license of to use the Service (“License”).


You shall be granted a limited License. The License is valid as long as the Subscriber has paid their Service subscription fees. The License shall be granted in order for one (1) specific named user to use the Service. The user’s name and other details must be provided during the registration process.


If the Subscriber is a private consumer, the License may not be transferred to any other natural or legal person.


If the Subscriber is an organization (public company, private company, non-profit organization, etc.) they have the right to assign the License that follows this agreement to a pre-agreed number of people within or outside the organization (employees, subcontractors, clients, etc.). Subscriber’s action to terminate, or reassign the License to another user, will immediately terminate your right to use the Service. Termination of your right to use the Service, does delete your account or erase your personal data. In order to permanently delete your account and erase your personal data, login to our Service at URL: and navigate to “Settings” page.


If one or more additional users wish to use the Service, additional Subscriptions must be purchased from Playvation or from Playvation’s retailer, depending where the original Subscription was purchased.


All content available through the Service, including any and all intellectual property rights, remains the sole property of Playvation and/or its partner(s).


All impersonal data collected from you through our Service shall be transferred and remain, without limitation, as a sole property of Playvation.


As described in our Privacy Policy our Service collects personal data. If you use our Service as a part of an organization as an employee or a subcontractor, you may have access to other users’ personal data. Under any circumstances, you are not allowed to disclose other users’ personal data to anyone except data subject or create physical or electronic copies of personal data without written consent from the data subject and Playvation.


You shall not use the Service for sending spam, spreading viruses, malware or similar or any illegal or immoral purposes. You are responsible for all texts, audio, images and all other information, including copyrights to the material that you submit to the Service. You shall be held fully liable for any, direct or indirect, damage caused to us, any of our partners and/or our affiliates and/or other users from misuse of the Service and/or violation of these ToS. You shall be held fully responsible for the actions of your child or child under your legal guardianship using the Service.


The use of the Service requires a stable Internet connection and a certain type of device that is compatible with the software application of the Service. User is solely responsible for Internet connection and the compatibility of device (hardware and the operating system) used to access the Service.


We reserve all rights to the Service or part thereof. You have no right to right to use or utilize, commercially or otherwise, License, Service or any part thereof other than for the express purpose of using the Service for its intended purpose as defined by Playvation.


We endeavour to keep the Service of a high quality, but you understand and agree that the Service is provided “as is” and “as available”, without express or implied warranty of condition of any kind. We guarantee that the supply, backup, support and other such elements of the Service are carried out professionally and with care.


Playvation reserves the right to the update, add to or otherwise alter the contents of the Service without any prior consent from, or prior notice to, you.


We aim to keep disturbances in the Service to a minimum. In order to maintain and develop a high quality educational experience, however, we must from time to time update the Service, during which time the Service or parts thereof may not be available for use. We aim to have such interruptions at such times when it is of least disturbance. We accept no liability for damages caused by interruptions in the Service.


Playvation accepts no liability for damages, financial or otherwise, caused by disturbances in data, electricity or other networks.


Playvation accepts no liability for any claim for damages or bodily injury, sickness, disease, or death or damage to personal property or real property, infringement of intellectual property and any losses and expenses, including but not limited to legal fees, arising out of the performance of its contractual or other duties relating to or attached to the Service or part thereof, or any act or omission of, or material provided by our agent, employee, representative, sub-contractor or any other natural or legal person acting for or on behalf of Playvation.


Playvation reserves the right to cancel the distribution of the Service at any time and without prior notice if Subscription payments are not made by the Subscriber or due to any breach of these ToS. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, User shall be liable for damages, losses and expenses, whether direct or indirect, caused by or attributable to the User, that are due to User’s breach of these ToS, any law, or rights of a third party.


Neither Playvation nor User are liable for damages to normal disaster such as flood, eruption and earthquake, labour dispute such as strike, or unavoidable accident, war, riot, inability to obtain materials, governmental actions, transportation controls, embargo, or other causes beyond the control of such party.


We may from time to time update or amend these ToS without prior consent from, or prior notification to, you. The changes these ToS come into effect 30 days after they have been published on our website.


These ToS or part thereof may be enforced on behalf of us by a third-party designated by us.

These ToS shall be governed by the material laws of the country of your residence.


If you have any questions related these ToS or use of our Service, please contact us for further information.





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